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Drupal Screen Casts

At the beginning of each school year or the second semester, teachers are often asking how to update their FCPS Drupal Teacher pages.  I have created a set of video tutorials that outline how to do this.

Drupal Teacher Pages Basics Screencasts

Full Screen ButtonThe links below will take you to a screencast of basic Drupal teacher page editing tutorials.  It is recommended that you view the videos in “FULL SCREEN MODE” to optimum viewing.   To enter full screen mode, begin playing the video and scroll down until you see the icon pictured at the right in the bottom right corner of the video.

You can press the ESCAPE button on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.

The videos are recorded in order but each one highlights a specific skill and can be viewed in isolation so you can find and review only the information you want or need.  If you would like the paper handout for Drupal, you can click HERE to get it.


  1. Logging On and Off
  2. Resetting Your Password
  3. Finding Your Teacher Page
  4. Basic Editing
  5. Linking to a File
  6. Inserting an Image
  7. Linking to a Web Site
  8. Adding a Child Page
  9. Posting a Blog Entry
  10. Adding Child Pages to Post Newsletters



CTE High School Teachers Use Web 2.O Tools to Create Presentations

 CTE High School Teachers Use Web 2.O Tools to Create Presentations


Animoto -

Sample -

Training Resources -



Sample - Collaboration Tools

Sample - Beautiful Presentations

Training Resources -


Voki -


Training Resources -


Go Animate


TRTKaren's Animation by TRTKaren on GoAnimate

Animation Software - Powered by GoAnimate.


Training Resources -


MakeBelief Comix -


sample make belief comix

Training Resources -  This page will get you started.  Other tutorials are built into the program.  Students do not need to create an account...Nothing is saved.  Work must be printed or saved as a PDF file.

Ideas - 21 Ways to Use MakeBelifComix in the Classroom -


The handout from today's session can be downloaded from HERE!

Foundations of Technology Web 2.0 Power Point

Lesson 1: Inventions and Innovations Lesson Plan

Citation Tools

CTE Middle School Teachers Learn About SHARE!

CTE Middle School Teachers Learn About SHARE!


What is SHARE?

Share by Tech 4 Learning allows students the ability to create their own interactive presentations, PDF and Flash® files, and web sites. With Share students can combine text, graphics, original illustrations, animations, movies, and interactivity to demonstrate understanding across the curriculum.  Easy to use tools make interactive graphic design a snap for students in grades 4-8. 

Example - Japanese Tsunami 2011


How to Use SHARE

  • Launch from the Productivity Folder (available in all middle schools - 35 licenses)
  • Create a Newsletter (tutorial provided) - See Sample
  • Publish - html, flash, pdf, images, print
  • My K-12 Share

Tutorials and Resources

TRT Resources

Teacher Work At Home Information

Student Tutorial Resources are posted on the Middle School Weblinks page.  Student tutorials (Recipes4Success) are provided FREE to teachers and students by Tech4Learning.  This site provide SNACK (short one topic tutorials) and Recipes (longer project tutorials) on the various Tech4Learning software titles.

CTC Learns About New Network!

CTC Learns About New Network!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Agenda . 1

The FCPS Network. 2

  • Guide to Network Drives. 2
  • Application Menu. 2

FCPS Email - 3

FCPS Website - 3

InsideFCPS. 4

Curriculum Resources. 5

  • Accessing the U-Drive at Home. 5

Technology Resources. 5

Additional Information To Know….. 7

. 9. Attached is the handout from today's training - trt/sites/default/files/karen/Tech%20Talk%20Revised.pdf

Fast 5: Simplify Your Summer with Technology

Removing Marquee Handles from Objects - ActivInspire

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Students may accidentally resize objects when trying to click and drag them across the board. Removing marquee handles is helpful to avoid having this problem.

Follow the directions below to remove them from objects.  Be sure to save these settings under profile you have named appropraitely for students.

1. Click File>Settings>Command tab.
2. In the second dropdown menu, select "Marquee Handles."  Now go back to the first dropdown menu and select "Marquee Handles."
3. Select the first option "Stretch Top" or "Stretch Top Left."
4. Click the "Remove" button.
5. Repeat the "Remove" process for each of the marquee handle options. (See the picture below.)

Marquee Handles

6.  I usually leave the "Freely Move Objects" icon.  When ready to save, click on the icon with the disk and pencil = "Save Profile As."
7.  Save under a name that you will remember to use for students.  Click "Done" when finished.

Marquee Handles Saving Profile





Password Protecting Vimeo Videos


Teachers can upload videos to Vimeo, password protect the video, and then embed the video into their website.

  1. Sign-up for a Vimeo account.
  2. Click on Upload Video.

Upload a Video

3.   Click on Choose a Video to Upload > Browse for the video on your computer > click Open.

Choose a Video

4.   Click on Upload Selected Videos.

Upload Selected Video

5.   The video will upload.  Now add Basic information about your video.  (Title, and a Description, and/or Tags if desired) and click Save Changes.

Basic Vimeo

6.  Next click on Privacy Settings.  Click on the following privacy settings:

* Who can watch this video?   Only People with a Password > Put in Password. 

* Where can this video be embedded? Anywhere

* Who can comment on this video?  No one

* What can people do with this video? Uncheck, "Download the video" and "Add to their collections"

7.  Once uploaded your video can take from 30 minutes to an hour to appear. 


8.  Once uploaded, you can embed the video into your teacher website. 

* Copy the code from the embeddable player

* Log into your Teacher website  

* Log into your teacher account and select the page you want to add the video to

* Click on Edit > Source > Copy and paste the code in the box > Click Save.  (See image below.)

Embed into Teacher Website



Saving YouTube Videos to Favorites/Playlists

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To save YouTube videos to Favorites in YouTube, you need a Gmail and/or a Google account.

Your Gmail/Google Account:

If you have a Gmail account or Google account you will be able to log into YouTube.

If you do not have a Gmail account or want to create a separate Google account to use just for educational purposes then you will need to do the following BEFORE coming to the training on Tuesday.

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Click on Create Account in the top right-hand corner.

    YouTube Create Account

  3. Enter the information needed to create your account.
    o If you would like you can uncheck the box, “Set Google as my default homepage”.
    o Uncheck the box, “Google may use my account information to personalize +1’s on content and ads on non-Google websites.


YouTube Settings:

  1. Log-into your YouTube account. (Using your Gmail or Google account)
  2. Go through your Settings.   (Overview, Sharing, Privacy, Email, and Playback) You have to click Save after each tab for the settings to save.
     o In Overview Settings, click next to: Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos.

YouTube Settings  YouTube Account Settings


Setting Up a Channel on YouTube:

Saving your favorite YouTube videos will save you time from year to year as your favorite videos you use with teachers and students can all be saved in various playlists.

  1. Before you can save any favorites, you have to create a YouTube channel. 
  2. Click on the drop down menu by your name in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Go to My Channel, and set up a name. You will need to also fill in birthday and gender.
  4. Next, adjust your privacy and sharing settings with your channel.
  5. Now you are ready to Add to Favorites. If you do not have a channel you can't add to favorites.

YouTube Channel

Do you want multiple YouTube channels?  You can have as many YouTube channels as you'd like. Unfortunately, you have to have a separate YouTube account for each and every one of them. 

You can however save videos to various Playlists on your Channel.

Save to Favorites:

  1. Find a video you like on YouTube
  2. Click on Add to
  3. Create a title for your Playlist > Decide whether you want the playlist to be public or private > click Create Playlist
  4. Once the playlist is added, click on the playlist you would like to add the video to.

Create Playlist and Add to Favorites

Click on the drop down menu by your name in the top right-hand corner and go to My Channel to view Favorites and Playlists.

Embedding Videos from TeacherTube

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TeacherTube is a great website that both allows teachers to download content, but also upload your own videos, docs, and audio files.  

You can embed TeacherTube videos into ActivInspire, PowerPoint, or your teacher website.

Embed into ActivInspire:

  1. Look for the TeacherTube video you would like to embed
  2. Copy the code from the embeddable player. (See image below.)
  3. Open ActivInspire (You must have version 1.6)
  4. In ActivInspire, click Insert > Link > Embedded HTML
  5. Copy and Paste the code into the box and click OK

Embeddable Code from TeacherTube

Embed into PowerPoint:

  1. Look for the TeacherTube video you would like to embed
  2. Copy the code from the embeddable player.
  3. Open PowerPoint
  4. In PowerPoint, click Insert > Video > Video from Website (See image below.)
  5. Paste the Code and click Insert
  6. Adjust the video size. You need to be in Presentation mode to view

Embed into PowerPoint

Embed into Your Teacher Website:

  1. Look for the TeacherTubevideo you would like to embed
  2. Copy the code from the embeddable player.
  3. Log into your Teacher website  
  4. Log into your teacher account and select the page you want to add the video to
  5. Click on Edit > Source > Copy and paste the code in the box > Click Save.  (See image below.)

Embed into Teacher Website



Monocacy Elementary - May 2012 Professional Development

This month our technology professional development schedule is:

  • Monday, May 7th - 5th Grade from 9:10 - 9:50
  • Tuesday, May 8th - 2nd Grade from 9:10 - 9:50
  • Thursday, May 10th - Kindergarten from 9:10 - 9:50
  • Wednesday, May 16th - 3rd grade from 9:10 - 9:50
  • Wednesday, May 16th - 4th grade from 9:50 - 10:30
  • Friday , May 25th - 1st Grade from 9:10 - 9:50

1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade

During this session we will continue our exploration of the Promethean Boards and ActivInspire.  We'll focus on getting your board up and running and learning how to add multimedia to your flipcharts.


PB Questions

Adding Multimedia to FlipCharts

  • tips and tricks
  • templates
  • troubleshooting


TRT Discovery Streaming Page

Adding Multimedia Handout

20 Easy Steps

Quick Tip: Inserting Media

Quick Tip: Inserting Link to Video File

Tips - Tricks - Templates and Troubleshooting flipchart.  (this flipchart is also posted on the U-Drive...U - Staff - Elementary - Instructional Technology - ActivInspire



Kindergarten and Grade 2


During this session we will continue our exploration of ActivInspire

software with a focus on using Desktop Tools, using the Promthean Board with interactive websites and taking pictures of worksheets/websites/images using the camera tool (if time).


PB Questions

Desktop Tools

  • desktop tools
  • annotate over desktop
  • interactive websites
  • take a picture


Twenty Easy Steps (PDF)

Using SpotLight Camera Tool (PDF)

Camera Tool (PDF)

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