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Lessons With Microsoft Word for Elementary School Classrooms

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Now that Office 2010 is being pushed out to FCPS Schools, it's a good time to review some of the innovative ways you can use Microsoft Office programs like Word and PowerPoint to engage your students.  Check out the websites below to find examples and lesson plans that you can use today!

Microsoft in Education - Teacher Resources / Lesson Plans

Microsoft in Education - Teacher Resources / School Templates

TALK - Literacy Activities using Microsoft Word

TMS Projects Using Microsoft Word

Quizlet for Teachers

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Whether you're just getting started with, or need a refresher, check out for "How To" slides and Tutorial Videos.  Resources are broken down by beginner, intermediate and advanced skills.  There are also pages created specifically for students, teachers and parents.

Online Interactive Coordinate Grid

For a fast and easy to use interactive coordinate grid, check out the website

Simple tools are available on both sides of the grid to plot points, delete points, find coordinate points, and set points using proper nomenclature.

Top 10 Note Taking Sites

Top 10 Sites for Note Taking by David Kapuler
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Taking notes is an everyday skill in education but often overlooked. Technology -- and more specifically, the Internet -- has rendered paper and pencil passé and allowed educators and students to raise note-taking to the next level. Most of the following sites use some form of the "post-it" or "sticky," but with the integration of Web 2.0 technologies.

  1. Wall Wisher - One of the most popular "post-it" note style sites on the web. These notes can includes all type of media, such as text, photos, and music. Fun and very easy to use.
  2. Primary Wall - A sticky note site designed for teachers and students to post notes in real time. Filtering of notes can be done for a fee-based subscription.
  3. Zendo - A great site for students. Takes notes and turns them into flash cards for studying.
  4. Thoughtboxes - Create organized notes in color coordinated boxes and then share with others.
  5. Lino - A wonderful site for creating online sticky notes similar to Wall Wisher. These notes can be emailed to others individually. Also, a nice site to use on mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad.
  6. Catch - A nice site for capturing notes in different types of media. Ideal to use on mobile devices.
  7. Corkboard.Me - Create a bulletin board full of sticky notes and share with others via a unique URL.
  8. Edistorm - A very user-friendly site to create collaborative sticky notes for brainstorming.
  9. Pindax - Create public or private boards filled with notes that can be commented on by other users. This unique online community also has a nice chat feature.
  10. Scrumblr - A simple, easy-to-use site for creating color-coded notes.

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at

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7 Interactive Websites for Promethean Boards

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If you have access to an Interactive Whiteboard you can take interactive websites one step further to enhance instruction and engage your students.  Although all of these websites are great to use at a stand-alone or laptop computer with a mouse, the interactive whiteboard will allow your learners to get up, get active, and get connected with the content through kinesthetic and tactile interaction.

Click on any one of the links below to get started exploring just a few of the free online resources available to teachers:

BBC Bitesize
Choose between Literacy, Math, and Science activities across all elementary levels.  Be aware that the British school systems use different leveling names than the U.S., but the resources are very applicable.
Illuminations Activities, Lessons, Standards, and Web Links can be found in this library of over 107 items to support teaching math.
PHET Over 60 million simulations have been delivered by this website provided by the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Start looking here for interactive virtual activities to support science instruction.
Read Write Think: Student Interactives Choose from 58 student interactives ranging from ABC Match to interactive Venn Diagrams and Word Family Sorts.
Utah Education Network The K-12 Student Center provides links to websites, television programs and activities in a dual sort format that allows users to filter by both subject area and grade level.
Primary Games Arena Math, Language Arts, Science, PE, Music and Foreign Language activities for Elementary levels (Primary means year 1-5 in England)
Interactives This website is a great place to start when looking for interactive content to support demonstrations and exploration activities in Math, Science, Language Arts and History.



15 Ways to Use Edmodo & More

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15 Things Teachers & Students Can Do With Edmodo

Edmodo recently received a $15 million grant from the founder of LinkedIn and former VP of Facebook.  So, to celebrate, here's a blog post from Richard Byrne with 15 great ideas for using Edmodo in the classroom.  And the best part?  Each one is a "million dollar idea"!

Edmodo As Part of the Future of Education
In the article "What Three Big EdTech Investments Say About The Future Of Education" by Ed Surge (, Edmodo is cited as one of the three big changes coming to Instructional Technology.  Along with Adaptive Technology and the new Common Core Curriculum, Social Media will play a big part in what the classroom of the future will look like.

Technology Is Changing the Way We Teach History

5 Ways Technology Has Changed One of Education’s Most Traditional Subjects: History

Check out this great blog post by Alex Summer of Edudemic.  The article does a nice job of showing how technology has changed the way historians study and teach.  Included are examples of accessible documents, searchable scholarly works, reconstructed reality, people searches, and communication.

Are You Being Safe Online?

Social Netowrking can be a powerful tool for educators, or a one way ticket to the unemployment line!  It's easy to blur the line between professional life and personal life, especially when you post it all online.  While one solution is for school systems to lock down access to services like Facebook and Twitter, another solution might be to put forth more education and develop awareness about online social media.

New York Times

For more information, and some examples of just how badly things can go wrong, check out this article from the New York Times:
                                       "Rules to Stop Pupil and Teacher From Getting Too Social Online"

December Fast 5 for Enrichment Specialists

Today we are talking about standards!  How do the National Association for Gifted Children PreK-12 Programming Standards align with the instructional technology we are using in Frederick County Public Schools?

Using the "Parable of the Refridgerator" approach, Enrichment Specialists will share in small groups what they are already doing with technology and align these tools with the NAGC Standards.  After discussion time, everyone will have a chance to post their thoughts onto a Google Doc available at

Finally, we will all come to a consensus on a goal for the remainder of the school year and set a few New Years Resolutions along the way.

AVer+ Software for BHS

This week teachers at Brunswick High will be learning another way to save paper - using their AVervision Document Cameras with the AVer+ software on their laptops to present digital versions of pictures, maps, worksheets, and even student work.  To learn more about using AVer+ check out the attached .pdf made from the AVer+ Help Menu.

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