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Interwrite Workspace

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Interwrite Workspace is a software package included with CPS Chalkboards since the Summer of 2008 when eInstruction purchased Interwrite Learning.  Interwrite Workspace provides teachers with the "next generation program for the digital classroom."  When used with a CPS Chalkboard and the Interwrite Content package, Interwrite Workspace transforms the teacher's computer into an interactive whiteboard with the ability to write and record onscreen digital lessons, use virtual simulations, and more easily access all the digital content used during daily instruction.

Curriculum Connections

  • Interwrite Workspace can enhance any lesson across all curriculum and grade levels
  • The Interwrite Content Pack has resources available for Graphic Organizers, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Special Needs
  • Interwrite Sims are available for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Teacher Tools
  • Interwrite Workspace and the CPS Chalkboard can be used seamlessly with all eInstruction software including Exam View and the Classroom Performance System (CPS)

Equipment Needed

  • A networked computer connected to a projector, screen, and preferably a CPS Chalkboard
  • Interwrite Workspace software - included with CPS Chalkboards, or download from eInstruction.  Be sure to download the Interwrite Content as well.  (Interwrite Content download available below the Interwrite Workspace download.)

Tutorials and Resources

Example (Note: GWB files can only be opened with Interwrite Workspace)

Top 10 Ways to Use Interwrite Workspace.gwb323.82 KB