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Launching ActivInspire

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Getting Your Computer Ready


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  • You will need to have the newest version of ActivInspire open on the computers you will be using.
  • Log-in to the computer.
  • Open the Application Menu
  • Click on the Productivity folder.
  • Click on ActivInspire
  • Wait for ActivInspire to update
  • Once it has updated, you can move on to the next task - Opening A Flipchart

* If you experience a problem with updating your software please contact your school assigned Technology Coordinator.

Opening A FlipChart

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Opening A FlipChart in ActivInspire

Opening a flipchart can be done through the ActivInspire dashboard or from the Main Menu.

Print Tutorial (PDF file)

Video Tutorial


Through the Dashboard

When launching the ActivInspire software typically the Dashboard will also launch. If your DashBoard does not appear press the F11 key on your keyboard and it will show up. 

  • From the Dashboard choose Open A FlipChart.

  • Navigate to where you have saved the file

  • Click on 'Open'


Through the Main Menu

  • Click on the 'Main Menu' button.

  • Select 'File'.

  • Select 'Open'.

  • Navigate to where you have saved the file

  • Click on 'Open'


One Hour ActivInspire PD (Elementary Math)

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ActivInspire Basics for Elementary Math

The following resources are designed to provide an introduction to ActivInspire for elementary math teachers. Working through  the resources should take approximately one hour.  Listed under Helpful Resources is a Practice Flipchart designed to be used to practice skills as they are learned.

Purpose: To introduce elementary teachers to ActivInspire software so that they can open and interact with pre-created flipcharts.


Launching ActivInspire

Saving Flipcharts/Resources from the U-Drive 

Helpful ActivInspire Tools

Saving a FlipChart and Exiting the Program

Helpful Resources


ActivInspire: Learning the Basics for Math and Science Curriculum Writing

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ActivInspire icon


June 7th from 4:30 - 6:30 PM
June 9th from 4:30 - 6:30 PM
June 13th from 4:30 - 6:30 PM


Presented by Technology Resource Teacher:

Cristina Runkles =

Description:This session will cover basic ActivInspire skills. A few topics that will be covered are: learning some basic tools in ActivInspire such as Text, Fill, and Shapes to make lessons interactive, using resources from the Resource Browser, locking objects, and editing existing flipcharts.

OBJECTIVES: At the end of the session, participants will be able to...

 * Insert text
 * Insert and Adapt Shapes and Images
 * Utilize Basic Color Tricks
 * Edit a Flipchart
 * Find and Adapt Flipcharts from Promethean Planet


 * Welcome and Introductions
 * Math Curriculum Map Example by Teacher Specialist: Angie Waltrup
 * Flipchart Instruction
 * Color Tricks
 * Finding and Adapting Flipcharts 
 * Practice Skills Learned with Support
 * Questions and Closure

Training Resources:

 * Math and Science ActivInspire: Learning the Basics Flipchart  
 * Video Tutorials (Screencasts):

* Adding Text
* Adding Shapes
* Drag a Copy
* Grouping Objects
* Locking and Unlocking
* Using the Page Browser
* Using the Notes Browser

Additional Resources Available at 

ActivInspire Quick Tip: Layering Activities for Young Students

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Many teachers love how you can layer pictures or words behind an object and "magically" pull something out for instructional use.  Instructional uses of layering include:  hiding vocabulary, sorting words or pictures into categories, revealing answers to problems, etc.  But, younger students may have difficulty hovering the select tool and looking for the arrow crosshairs in order to find and pull out a hidden object. 

You can group a visual cue with the hidden object so students know where to use the select tool and drag the hidden object. 

The visual cue in the example below is the rabbit.  The student's name is the hidden word to be pulled out from behind the hat. 

The rabbit is on the top layer (right-click and choose reorder to top layer).  The student's name is on the bottom layer (right-click and choose reorder to bottom layer).  The hat is locked on the top layer, but it is beneath all of the rabbit pictures which are also on the top layer. 

After reordering all of the objects to the appropriate layers, group together one visual cue to each hidden word.  For example, use the select tool to "lasso" the rabbit and the student's name.  Click on the two green squares icon to group the objects together.  Repeat for all. 

Attached below is a flipchart with visual cues for pulling student names. 

ActivInspire Quick Tip: Highlighter Tape

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Besides using the highlighter in ActivInspire, you can also make "highlighter tape" or "highlighter reading strips" like the ones used for books below. 

In ActivInspire, do the following:

1.  Create a rectangular shape with the Shapes tool.

2.  Resize the shape as necessary.

3.  Click on the shape to bring up the object edit toolbar.

4.  Make the rectangle more translucent by moving the orange slider to the left.  (See below)

5.  Students can use the select tool to move the highlighter tape strip as they read. 

6.  Optional:  Make the highlighter tape an endless supply by right-clicking and choosing "drag a copy."  You could also put the highlighter tape on a horizontal restrictor so that the students can only move the tape across the line of text.  (PDF restictor instructions)

Elementary Language Arts Websites for Promethean

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Click here for the Top 10 Ideas for Using the Promethean Board in Elementary Language Arts

Are you looking for Promethean board or ActivSlate friendly websites to use during Language Arts?  Check out the sites listed below:

All Levels
Roy the Zebra   -- Interactive Reading Games by Word Level or Sentence Level
BBC Bitesize  --Language Arts games for a variety of topics
Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities --phonics, reading, poetry, and more
Learning Chocolate practice that uses pictures, sounds, and games. Great practice for ELL students.
ABCYa --Primary students can play ABC games
Sheppard Software --Grammar and sentence structure practice like Comma Chameleon

Use eBooks with or without ActivInspire Desktop Annotate:

  1. Scholastic Listen and Read 15 short non-fiction stories
  2. International Children’s Digital Library
  3. List of eBook sites:

Promethean Planet Teacher Feature

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Deleting a Question from a Flipchart Page

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People have asked how to remove a question from a filpchart page.   This is actually a simple process. 

  1. Go to the page you wish to remove the question.
  2. Right-Click on any empty space on the page.
  3. Select "Remove Question."

Deleting Questions

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